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Smokeless Fire Ring fixes where there is smoke (there’s fire).


You (or you invite friends and family over) sit down to enjoy a night around the fire (without a smokeless fire pit ring). Everyone settles in to get cozy, relax, and enjoy the time together. Only to have that uninvited guest smoke right into your face. It appears almost unavoidable. You maneuver around to be uncomfortably close to the other side of the fire, only to find the smoke rolling right back into your (everyone’s) face. It was over there, and now it’s here!? Why? Some people might say it is a curse or that “smoke follows beauty.” Unfortunately, it’s not a curse or your good looks; it’s physics1.

Working with the laws of physics

You might have tried to add more fuel to the flames only to increase the smoke. You fan the flames only to get temporary relief. So, instead of trying to beat the laws of physics, you need to work with them to your advantage. You have heard about smokeless fire pit rings but have only found small (typically 24 inches in diameter and smaller), mass-produced/cheaply made, foreign-manufactured, and, for some of the sizes, have a big price tag for what you get. And outside of a few small differences, they all look the same. You deserve a smokeless fire pit ring that will last a lifetime, be uniquely yours, impress your neighbors, and be the size you want.


Here at Bonfire by Design, we create smokeless fire rings for you, bigger, better, and made here in America! We have taken the guesswork out of what you need to get a professional-looking smokeless fire pit that you can build yourself within a few hours (once you have all the supplies) that will last a lifetime.

How does our smokeless fire ring work?

So why doesn’t just any ol’ fire become smokeless? Fires without optimal airflow produce smoke when the combustion process is inefficient2. Through rigorous testing, we have found the best design to take your retaining wall block fire pit and make it smokeless. 

Our smokeless fire pit takes the cold air from outside of the fire pit and feeds it in the space between the blocks and the ring. Some of that fresh air will feed the bottom of the fire to create a hotter and more efficient fire.

As the fire gets hotter, the air will move faster and be forced up along the walls within that space (working with physics here). Once the faster-moving air exits out the top holes of the fire ring, this funnels hot air back into the flames for a chance at secondary combustion3. More importantly, it helps push any remaining smokey air toward the center of the fire, pushing it over your (and everyone else’s) head.

With Bonfire by Design, have a smokeless fire ring bonfire!

With our design, you can have something that will last a lifetime, and you want to spend time around. You can have something that fits your style and be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

      • We offer square and circle smokeless fire rings.

      • Our smokeless fire pit rings range from 24 to 60 inches in diameter.

      • Our standard height is 12 or 18 inches tall.

    Contact us using the form below if you want to go bigger or taller. We can make one that fits the fire pit you already have.


    You can burn any seasoned wood you like. Once the metal ring gets hot, the laws of physics will take over, and smoke will move up and away. That old dead tree branch, that old log, throw them right in.


    Innovative smokeless fire ring with lip

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      1. If you want to dive deeper into the science and physics behind why this happens, check out the SciShow on YouTube: Does Smoke Truly Follow Beauty? Science Explains hosted by Hank Green. ↩︎
      2. Ettling, B V. (1980). Colors of Smoke and Flame. Fire and Arson Investigator, 30(4), 39-41. ↩︎
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      Smokeless Fire Ring fixes where there is smoke (there’s fire).

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