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Sturdy Fire Starter


Start a fire with ease with this helpful, sturdy, solid steel fire starter.  Whether you have one of our smokeless fire ring, custom fire ring, or pre-designed fire ring, a fire starter is an ideal product for you. Do you know someone with a fire pit already? Give them the gift that makes it an easy way to start a fire in a fire pit. See more info for sizing and material details.

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Start fires with ease with this sturdy vertical fire pit starter. Designed with a fire in mind, it allows plenty of airflow for your kindling to get the perfect blaze going. The X shape ensures stability even on uneven ground or with slightly larger kindling on one side.  Made of heavy 12 gauge carbon steel, each starter is 11.5 high x 8 inches wide. Carefully use a fire poker to pull it out once you have established your fire and want to add larger logs to your fire pit.

Arriving as sanded raw steel, the sturdy fire pit starter will be ready for painting. The metal will rust if not painted. You are still welcome to paint it (although direct flames will burn off most paint) whatever color you like, but do so upon its arrival at your door. Have questions about painting? Check out our FAQ page or our YouTube video to learn more about our helpful tips and tricks on how to paint.

  • Fully welded — it stays in an X shape and cannot be taken apart.
  • Non-welded — it can be disassembled and lies flat when not in use—ideal for camping, RV-ing, Overlanding, or limited storage spaces. Storing it in a dry place will also help prevent rust.

No tools are needed for assembly, just your hands if you ordered one without being welded. Check out the FAQ section for assembly and fire-starting videos, or check out our YouTube video directly.

Need something bigger? Want something custom? Want to personalize it? Scroll down and send us a line, and we will be happy to work with you.

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Vertical Stand

Fully Welded, No Welding

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