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Smokeless Fire Ring Pit Kit


This is the kit everyone has been looking for. I take all the guesswork out of building your own smokeless fire pit. You get everything you need but the blocks. You can get the blocks from your local Lowes or Home Depot (or other gardening centers) to save you money on shipping costs. If you were to buy each piece individually, it would cost you over $500!

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Included in your kit
1x 24-inch Smokeless Fire Ring that will be 16 inches tall
1x 26-inch across 2 Part folding lid
2x Pine Tree Style Vent Blocks

Your fire pit would be about 40 inches across (diameter) block to block and 16 inches tall. You can easily fit 4 – 6 people around it. See some tips and tricks here at our video on What size smokeless fire ring pit should I get for my backyard?

Tools Needed (not supplied):
Phillips Screwdriver, Hammer, Crescent Wrench, or 7/16 Wrenchs.

Everything in the kit is raw steel, so they will rust if not painted. We have videos on YouTube that will give you all the info you need if you like to paint it before use. Painting a Smokeless Fire Ring or Lid/Cover by Bonfire by Design

You will need 38 Retaining Wall Blocks: each row (4 rows high) has 10 blocks per row, except the bottom row. You will only use 8 plus the 2 vent blocks (included in this kit). You put the two vent blocks straight across from each other. The retaining wall blocks come in many different colors. You see the color Red/Charcoal in the picture on this listing.

Lowes and Home Depot both sell Retaining Wall Blocks. They are about $2 each. The price can vary. Regardless of where you purchase the retaining wall blocks, they should be 12 inches at the widest point by 4 inches tall by 7 inches back to the front face. You will need to break off the back lip for the block to sit flat on each other. You need to break it off with a quick hammer hit. (Please wear all personal protective gear, like gloves, eye protection, etc., when doing this.)

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