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This order is for a new style smokeless fire ring. The ring will have two walls and will be 1 inch between them. It will come in three parts you need to bolt together into a circle. Each part will overlap the other 1/3 of the ring and will use a 1/4 bolt to assemble it all together. The inside ring will have holes around the top, and the outside ring will have holes around the bottom. The top will be fully welded to keep a nice clean look. It will come with all the hardware needed.  The inside will be 30 inches across and will be 18 inch tall. This is my first time making it so in theory, it should work like my smokeless fire ring. I will keep you updated along the way. It should take about 2-3 weeks before this is done. The ring is raw steel and will rust if not painted.

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Out of stock