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Michigan Metal: Welcome Signs


A welcome sign to last a lifetime. You can put this sign in any place you can push into something. You can put it along walkways, bike paths, planters, fire pits, lakehouses, driveways, and memorials. This would also make a great housewarming gift for that new homeowner that is hard to buy for.

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This listing is for the one you see in the first two pictures. It will have a dog silhouette at the top that would be the same as the one in the picture. It will have the same WELCOME text in the middle. I will have pictures of them powder-coated up soon. I can make custom text and design at the top for an extra fee of $25. Email me before placing an order. The top design has to be a pretty simple outline.

This welcome sign is made out of 16 GA steel so it will hold up to any kind of weather your yard will throw at it. It has two 45-bend sides so it makes it very rigid. You can order it in powder coat colors Black, White or Silver ( so it will not rust ) or raw steel. You order in raw steel, it will rust as soon as you put it outdoors, you are also welcome to paint it whatever color you like. The sign will be sanded and ready to paint when you get it if you to order it in raw steel option. The only thing I would do before would to wipe it down to get any dust off of it. If you’re having trouble pushing the sign into the ground, you could open up the ground by getting a hand shovel and opening up the ground some that way. You could also tap the sign down with a hammer on the bend parts of the sign. I would use wood to protect the powder before hitting with a hammer. The sign will be about 47 inches tall when you open the box by about 5.5 wide. You want the sign about ## inches into the ground to keep it standing tall but more or less might be needed depending on the ground your putting it.

If you don’t find what your looking for just me a shoot and I can make you something custom. Extra fees do apply to cover time to make custom work.

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Primary Color

Black, White, Silver, Raw Steel – will rust

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