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Smokeless Corten Steel Fire Pit with Lip


A smokeless corten steel fire pit can be inserted into a stone or brick fire ring to create a smoke-free backyard patio. The Corten steel has many benefits, one of which is a golden rusty color. Minutes to assemble for a simple DIY that gives a professional look and feel.  Enjoy for years to come.  See more info for sizing and material details.  *Bricks not included.

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The smokeless Corten steel fire pit insert is crafted from durable (you guessed it) Corten steel, ensuring longevity. Not sure what size to get? Check out the FAQ section or our YouTube video to help you decide. Keep in mind that to control smoke in smokeless fire rings, the fire needs to heat the metal, directing the smoke upward and away. Check out our blog post on Smokeless Fire Ring Fixes Where There is Smoke for how and why.

Why Corten Steel? Here’s a rundown on some of the benefits:

  • It has a reported life span of up to 120 years! (You could pass your fire ring down to the next generation!)
  • Corten Steel has self-healing properties. If the fire ring becomes scratched or rusty, then it has the capability to halt any further corrosion. This means that the rustic patina is a protective coating in itself!
  • Absolutely ZERO maintenance steel – painting it would only add to the aesthetic of your backyard. Again, that rust is a protective layer.
  • Corten Steel boasts an impressive durability, with a rust rate 25 times slower than that of carbon (a.k.a. mild) steel.
  • This reduced rusting pace ensures that Corten Steel avoids the rusty run-off often associated with carbon steel, particularly when you accelerate the rusting process.
  • Additionally, the full rusting of a Corten Steel ring typically takes 2-6 years. You can use an accelerator (like salt water spray) to speed up the process.
  • Over the lifetime of the corten steel, it will change from an orange-brown to a darker golden brown.
  • It is made by US Steel, with its corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.

Sizes and Descriptions

  • 24, 30, and 36-inch sizes have 3 panels.
  • 42 and 48-inch sizes have 4 panels.
  • 54 and 60-inch sizes have 5 panels.

Each hole is 1 inch in size and 1 inch apart—all holes are around the top, 12-inch tall, has no holes at the bottom. While the 18-inch tall has half-inch holes 2 inches from the bottom.

The top lip is 3 inches. Suppose you were to order a 30 x 12-inch. You’ll receive a 30-inch inside ring with a fully welded 3-inch lip. Resulting in a total diameter of 36 inches measured from the outside of the lip.

All smokeless fire pit inserts will arrive ready to be painted, as they are sanded raw steel. The ring will rust if not painted. Corten fire pits are not recommended to be painted; however, check out the FAQ section for more info on this, or watch our YouTube video.

The Corten steel smokeless fire pit protects bricks from direct heat, ensuring longevity.

It would help if you had simple hand tools (adjustable or 7/16 wrench) to assemble it. Check out the FAQ section for assembly videos or on our YouTube video.

Need something bigger? Want something custom? Want to personalize it? Scroll down and send us a line, and we will be happy to work with you to make the smokeless fire pit of your dreams.

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24 x 12 inches, 24 x 18 inches, 30 x 12 inches, 30 x 18 inches, 36 x 12 inches, 36 x 18 inches, 42 x 12 inches, 42 x 18 inches, 48 x 12 inches, 48 x 18 inches, 54 x 12 inches, 54 x 18 inches, 60 x 12 inches, 60 x 18 inches

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