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Bonfire Culinary Cook Stand


Transform any fire into an outdoor kitchen with our innovative Bonfire Culinary Cook Stand. This space-saving marvel turns any outdoor gathering into a kitchen, seamlessly combining functionality and portability. Designed to fold flat for easy storage and transportation, this stand redefines convenience in outdoor cooking. Elevate your grilling experience with a compact solution that doesn’t compromise on style or performance. Explore the perfect fusion of form and function with our Bonfire Cooking Stand – the key to turning your fire pit into a versatile outdoor kitchen, wherever your adventures take you. *Pan is not included.

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Bonfire Culinary Cook Stand transforms any of our fire pits or smokeless fire pits into a backyard cooking space. It assembles in seconds and folds flat for easy storage and transportation. This stand redefines convenience in outdoor cooking and a sturdy fire starter.  Two tools in one!

The multi-purpose cooking stand is perfect for emergency situations, hiking, camping, hunting, backpacking, tailgating, overlanding, boondocking, and even the beach! Designed with a fire in mind (it has a fire cut right into the design), it allows plenty of airflow for your kindling to get the perfect blaze going. Our unique X-shaped design ensures stability, especially on uneven ground or when kindling is unevenly distributed. This ensures a stable and reliable cooking experience in various conditions. Our Bonfire Cooking Stand lets you enjoy a fire anytime, anywhere.

Made of heavy 12 gauge carbon steel, each piece is 14.5 inches x 12 inches and together weighs only 7 lbs. Designed with a 10-inch cast iron pan in mind, it will fit other stainless steel, non-stick hard anodized aluminum, and even Dutch ovens of similar size. Tabs at the top keep the pan centered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For outdoor use only. Not suitable for indoor use. Use on level surfaces.

No tools are needed for the assembly of the Bonfire Culinary Cook Stand, just your hands. The assembly is similar to our sturdy fire starter; slide the two pieces together, and you are ready to cook. Check out the FAQ section for assembly and fire-starting videos or our YouTube video directly.

Need something bigger? Want something custom? Want to personalize it? Scroll down and send us a line, and we will be happy to work with you.

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