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Outdoor Fire Ring Maintenance & Terms


All of our fire rings ship with FedEx or UPS and will ship out within one to two weeks of your order being placed. Then, the product will be shipped in 3-5 business days. If your order is for Alaska or Hawaii, there will be additional costs to you to help cover the shipping costs. Please email us beforehand if you would like to know the shipping cost before placing a order.


There is a limit to the amount of text we can fit per panel, so please email me before placing an order if you are worried about that. Once you, as the buyer, have approved a design, then the metal panels for your fire ring will be cut soon after. After they have been cut, they can’t be changed. If there is an error with the design, that responsibility will fall on the buyer. For example, if there is a spelling error or something is misplaced, we would work with you on a way to fix the problem, but that doesn’t guarantee that it would get fixed for free. Please make sure to double-check your spelling and the drawing before you approve.


The fire ring is NOT painted, nor does it have any finish applied. The grey color is just the color of the raw steel. The fire ring WILL rust! Any moisture in the air will cause the raw steel to oxidize, and surface rust will begin to show. For outdoor fire pit maintenance, we allow ours to rust. We do not paint or suggest painting any fire ring, as once you have a fire, it will burn any paint you use. If you want to paint it, do the following:

1) paint immediately before the fire ring has time to rust,

2) use a dry rag to wipe any dust that accumulated during shipping,

3) use a paint that is made for high heat exposure.  


Cancellation requests must be submitted within 24 hours of the order placement to qualify for a full refund. This policy is in place to mitigate the impact on production schedules and resource allocation. Cancellations made beyond the 24-hour window will be subject to review, and refunds will be issued at our discretion, dependent upon the item’s production stage and incurred costs.


There are no returns on fire rings or any other items that have rust or have been painted. Any return will not be refunded until we get the item back and ensure it has not rusted or been painted. The buyer is required to pay for the return shipping cost.

** Please note that due to the unique nature of custom fire rings, refunds on custom order(s) will be determined depending on the depth and detail of the customization. There will be no refund if the error has been made by the buyer when it comes to design or spelling errors. Once a fire ring has been cut, there is no refund.**

If you have any other questions or concerns about outdoor fire ring maintenance, feel free to Contact Us