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Our Founder and Owner, Shawn Oudsema, has been handcrafting extraordinary custom metal products for more than 13 years, infusing each unique piece with passion, creativity, and skill. 

Working with great care and pride, we connect with people all over the country to enrich their homes and lives with custom fire pits and lids, metal artwork, and decorative metal products. 


Our metal is distinctive and sturdy—for example, we use thicker steel for our custom fire pits than most designers—and will acquire a rich patina as it oxidizes, characteristic of all untreated, unpainted, artisanal metal products. Oxidation is a naturally occurring process, and the signature aesthetic is testament to the raw, natural beauty of the metal that we use. 


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Our Team

Shawn Oudsema

Owner, Designer, Maker

Shawn has decades of metal fabrication and manufacturing experience under his toolbelt. Working as a welder, machinist, and fabricator, and obtaining a welding certification, Shawn brings a wealth of professional knowledge and aesthetic flair to every project.


He is the one that builds the products, answers the phones, and answers your emails.

Maggie Oudsema

Photographer, Curator, Marketer

Maggie is a software developer with a past career as a scientific research assistant. She also moonlights as our co-owner. 

Managing our social media and marketing channels. Maggie also heads the photography department and does web site updates.

Basil Oudsema

Shop Dog, Aspiring Model

Basil has the most important job: making sure we don’t work too hard.

As a smaller lab mix, Basil often poses in our images of larger metal pieces so customers have a clear idea of scale.

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