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Custom Metal fabrication and Fire Pit Rings


We hand make lots of custom metal fabrication items from the perfect smokeless fire pit ring insert, custom fire rings, and fire pit covers for your home and garden. Make a big statement while keeping your outdoor oasis smoke-free with a handwrought fire ring of exceptional quality or give someone special a memorable and original gift.



Always handcrafted and proudly made in the USA with steel sourced from US companies.

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Find a fire ring

We make custom or smokeless fire rings in the theme that most resonates with you. Need design inspo? Browse our fire pit rings here or explore our inspiration page.

Grab a fire pit lid

An outdoor fire pit lid is a must: it protects your fire pit from rain and debris. We handcraft a custom fire pit cover in a style that speaks directly to you or your loved one.

Discover more

From one-of-a-kind metal decor to attention-grabbing signs for your lawn and garden, we meticulously craft metal products just for you with one of a kind custom metal fabrication.

What We Do

Cutting, welding, bending—no job is too big or too small for our talented team. We hand make everything ourselves relying on years of industry expertise, state‑of‑the‑art technology, and a passion for excellence.



Our Founder and Owner, Shawn Oudsema, has been dedicated to custom metal fabrication and manufacturing business for two decades. He’s an entrepreneur, an artist, and an expert maker who knows exactly what he’s doing—and it shows in every exceptional product he creates.


Go Smokeless

Cozying up to an outdoor fire is a joy. All that smoke? Not so much. 


Our industry‑leading smokeless fire pit ring is exceptionally handmade to outlast years of firepit sessions. Easy to assemble and install. Since we specialize in custom metal fabrication, we can make a ring that perfectly fits any block fire pit (square or round)—best of all, you can enjoy the blaze in complete comfort, lingering by the smoke-free fire and telling ghost stories long into the night.

Zero Smoke

Innovative smokeless fire ring with lip
Innovative smokeless fire ring with lip

Custom Metal Fabrication

We design bold, innovative, custom metal work to enliven your home, lawn, and garden. From ultra-sleek welcome signs to wall art to fire pit accessories, metalworking is in our DNA as we handcraft superior metal products and ship them to your door in just 3-5 business days.


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